Hawai’i CARES is for everybody looking for support during difficult times.

We help people out of crisis.
We help people with mental and emotional health.
We help people with recovery resources for substance use.

We are a free service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call us now or save our number for when you or a loved one needs help.

We’re with you the whole way—from your first call through to your resolution or recovery.

When you call us, we secure you a safe place in a team of healthcare professionals.
We ensure you have access to all the services that are right for your needs.
We help with the transitions so your care is coordinated and continual.
We call this the “continuum of care,” and we do it to improve the quality of healthcare you get and our state gives.

We connect you with on-demand support, treatment and recovery.

We work with a statewide network of providers that cover every aspect of care.

Your one call to us connects you with all the services you need. If you reach out to us, you’ve done so because you’re brave and you’re ready for things to be different. We’ll be your advocate through change.

There’s more than one way to receive help from CARES.

Anyone can pick up the phone and call us.

We also support people referred to us by the Department of Health Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD), Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD), Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) and Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD).

However you reach us, you get our best quality of attention.
We’re invested in your health — and your future.

We bring together all the services that support your recovery.

This is the way CARES improves accessibility and quality of your care. Want to know more about the providers we work with? Click one of the links below to access the list and websites of our partner healthcare providers.

Mental and emotional health

Substance Use


Providers: Our streamlined system helps you provide care immediately.

We use a thorough and thoughtful intake process. When we introduce a new patient to you, we share background information to help you determine their needs, strengths and treatment plan as well as information about their benefits and eligibility for services.

We handle service request authorizations, contract reviews for appropriate billing, transitions in care and ensure complete electronic records.

Our data helps improve care statewide. By participating in this shared system, we earn a better understanding of the mental and behavioral health of our community. We also become better equipped to serve Hawaiʻi residents with the best possible care for a healthier future.

What do we need from you in return? Once you meet with a new patient, send us the bundle,* and we’ll keep advancing treatment so the patient’s care is continuous.

• Training Materials
• Universal Standard Intake Screening Form
• Consent Forms

• WITS System
• Service Request Authorizations
• Data & Reports