Hawai’i CARES is a coordinated and responsive system of care for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery support services.

We provide universal intake, screening, assessment, care coordination, referral, placement determination, and linkages to appropriate service modalities and resources across the state.

Hawai’i CARES SUD Services are modeled after the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria for SUD services.

Hawai’i CARES SUD Service Team Members are responsible for:

  1.  Reviewing referrals for services;
  2.  Authorizing client services utilization;
  3.  Reviewing requests for extension of services;
  4.  Collecting data on utilization of treatment and recovery services;
  5.  Monitoring effectiveness of screening and referral processes; and
  6.  Conducting continuous quality improvement of the system and its network providers.

Network Providers: Our streamlined system helps you to
receive care immediately.

We use a thorough and thoughtful intake process to identify the individual’s needs, strengths and treatment plan as well as information about their benefits and eligibility for services.

We handle service utilization requests, contract reviews for appropriate billing, transitions in care, and ensure complete electronic records.

Our data helps to improve care statewide. By participating in this shared system, we learn a better understanding of the mental and behavioral health of our communities. We also become better equipped to serve with the best possible care for a healthier future.

Providers are asked to return the following information:
Once you meet with a new patient, please send us the “bundle” and we’ll keep advancing treatment for continuous care.

Network Providers: SUD Links to Forms

Click on each link to download the information.

If you need support for your mental and emotional health, substance use treatment, or recovery support services, call Hawai’i CARES today!

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