Stories From the Heart

You are not alone in your story. People from the community from all walks of life would like to share their story with you.

Pashyn Santos

Pashyn Santos is a Native Hawaiian Jedi, actor, comedian, and writer. You may recognize her from her comedy videos on Instagram or TikTok. Although she is always spreading smiles and laughter, even Pashyn faces obstacles striving to be her authentic self.

“Humankind’s form of acceptance is ever changing. When you’re looking at acceptance, look inside first. Be happy with who you are and the pursuit that you’re on to your potential,” is advice Pashyn Santos wants to share with you.

Of all the people you may strive to impress, have yourself be the top priority. Be the person that you’re comfortable and proud to be. The right people will accept you for what is right for you. Be fearless today and unapologetically you!

Kumu Hina and Kamaka Pili

Kamaka Pili, talks story about his sexuality for the first time on camera saying, “the evolution of māhū has, at least in the viewer’s perspective, has evolved. Before, I think it’s either straight or gay, and you only have those two choices. But now, it’s not necessarily one or the other, but you’re really just standing and you’re finding a balance within yourself. So for me being bisexual, trying to figure out where I stand within this belief–to me, it’s just having a balance between those two. When you find the balance for yourself, that’s when I think you can be the most helpful to somebody else”.


Transgender and cultural teacher, Kumu Hina highlights the beauty of Hawaiian culture that embraces māhū as a key part of our community. Growing up and being bullied, they were brought up to believe māhū was a negative term, but after aligning more with their Kānaka (Native Hawaiian) side, they grew to realize māhū as a blessing.


Becoming your authentic self can be a complex journey, and parents are children’s biggest allies during that time. Through acceptance and affirmation, you will create a safe space for your teen as they discover themselves.

Watch the touching story of Averi coming out to their mom, and how having a supportive parent made all the difference.