Get help for yourself

Sometimes something feels wrong, and you can’t explain why. You may feel hopeless, panicked, trapped, empty or in so much pain, nothing seems to help. This is the right time to pick up on the phone and call someone. At Hawai‘i CARES 988, we will always answer.


When should you contact 988 for yourself?

  • When you feel stress, sadness, anxiety, or loneliness and those feelings begin to interfere with your appetite, sleep, work or school.
  • When you have dependency on alcohol or drugs, and you feel like you’ll never be free from the desire to use.
  • If you are experiencing emotional or physical harm whether you have caused yourself harm or someone else has caused you harm.

If you have a number that is outside the (808) area code and wish to be connected with a Hawai‘i CARES 988 local crisis counselor, please use our direct number. (808-832-3100) or toll-free (800-753-6879).