Get Help For Someone Else

It may not be you struggling. Someone you care about may be acting differently. Maybe their mood has changed drastically; maybe they’ve withdrawn from relationships; perhaps they’ve stopped sleeping or, the opposite, they can’t get out of bed; maybe they’ve started getting rid of things you know are special to them. These could all be warning signs of crisis.

Hawai‘i CARES 988 crisis counselors can help you find resources and help for someone you care about.

When should you contact 988 to help someone else?

  • When you notice that someone is showing signs of stress, sadness, anxiety, or loneliness and those feelings begin to interfere with their appetite, sleep, work or school.
  • When you notice that someone may have dependency on alcohol or drugs.
  • If notice someone causing emotional or physical harm to themselves or someone else.

If you have a number that is outside the (808) area code and wish to be connected with a Hawai‘i CARES 988 local crisis counselor, please use our direct number. (808-832-3100) or toll-free (800-753-6879).