A free mental health and substance use call center

24/7 local representatives

We support adults and adolescents through crisis, treatment and recovery
Call from any island: 808-832-3100 | toll-free 800-753-6879

If you’re in an emergency or if you fear you are in danger, please call 911 — or go to the nearest emergency room immediately for assistance.


When you call us, you’ll be greeted by a local CARES crisis screener who will ask whether you have an urgent crisis or need non-urgent support.

Next, the CARES crisis screener will ask you a few questions to get to know you and your specific situation.

For example, you may be asked for your name, age, and any health conditions we should know about. You may also be asked about your location, situation and what you’ve been going through.

Your call is secure and confidential. We encourage you to share details that will help address your needs.

Based on our conversation, we will help you figure out next steps.

We will link you with community supports that address your needs including, if appropriate, arranging for a Crisis Mobile Outreach (CMO) worker to meet with you in person.

When you need to talk to someone who cares, call us.

On-demand care.
When you need it.
Where you need it.

808-832-3100 l 800-753-6879



When you feel sad, anxious or alone, and those feelings begin to interfere with your appetite, sleep, work or school, consider calling CARES. Talking about it early can prevent future hardship. We want to help. Tell us about it.


Dependency on alcohol or drugs, whether prescription or illegal drugs, can make you feel like you’ll never be free from the desire to use. This isn’t a weakness in your character; it’s the effect substance has on the brain. With support, you’re stronger than the craving. Take the first step.


If someone is hurting you — whether it’s to your body, mind, or your heart — you are not to blame. If you have caused yourself harm or thought about it as a way to cope with difficulty, you don’t have to be alone in your pain. In any situation, we’ll stand by you.


Sometimes something feels wrong, and you can’t explain why. You may feel hopeless, panicked, trapped, empty or in so much pain, nothing seems to help. This is the right time to pick up on the phone and call someone. At CARES, we will always answer.

It may not be you struggling. Someone you care about may be acting differently. Maybe their mood has changed drastically; maybe they’ve withdrawn from relationships; perhaps they’ve stopped sleeping or, the opposite, they can’t get out of bed; maybe they’ve started getting rid of things you know are special to them. These could all be warning signs of crisis. If you’re worried, don’t wait. Give us a call for advice, or give your loved one our number with the message that you — and we —are here for them if they want to talk.