No matter what, our local caring crisis counselors are here to support you.

No matter what, our local, caring crisis counselors are here to support your needs.

You have someone to talk to.
Someone to respond.
Somewhere to go.

We provide someone to talk to.
We have someone to respond.
We have somewhere to go.

Our hearts are with the people of Maui and all those impacted by the devastating Maui wildfires.

Help with crisis & thoughts of suicide

Help with recovery resources for substance use

Help with mental & emotional health

Help for children & adolescents

Your call is safe and confidential

Knowledge is empowering

Learn more about topics that can help you through crisis, improve your mental health, substance use recovery, and more.

When should you contact 988?

Sometimes something feels wrong, and you can’t explain why. You may feel hopeless, panicked, trapped, empty or in so much pain, nothing seems to help. This is the right time to pick up on the phone and call someone. At Hawai‘i CARES 988, we will always answer.

It may not be you struggling. Someone you care about may be acting differently. Maybe their mood has changed drastically; maybe they’ve withdrawn from relationships; perhaps they’ve stopped sleeping or, the opposite, they can’t get out of bed; maybe they’ve started getting rid of things you know are special to them. These could all be warning signs of crisis.

When you feel stress, sadness, anxiety, or loneliness and those feelings begin to interfere with your appetite, sleep, work or school.
Emotional or mental health crisis

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When you have dependency on alcohol or drugs, and you feel like you’ll never be free from the desire to use.
Substance use disorder

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If you are experiencing emotional or physical harm whether you have caused yourself harm, thoughts of suicide, or someone else has caused you harm.
Abuse or harm

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If you are an adolescent seeking mental health support, or someone seeking help for a child or adolescent.
Child & adolescent

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Stories from the heart

From coming out stories to the meaning of māhū, you are not alone in your story.

when you need help now

Crisis Mobile Outreach

If you need immediate assistance, you may request Crisis Mobile Outreach and we can get someone to you within the hour.

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