Help for You 

Talking with someone about your thoughts and feelings can save your life. There are steps you can take to keep yourself safe through a crisis. Call or text 988 any time or chat online with the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline to get support also find resources on: 

  • Finding a therapist/support group 
  • Building and using a support network 
  • Making a safety plan for yourself 

The information on this page about Suicide and Suicidal Behavior is courtesy from our friends at SAMHSA. 

Help for Someone You Know 

Learn how to recognize the warning signs when someone’s at risk—and what action steps you can take. If you believe someone may be in danger of suicide: 

  • Call 911, if danger for self-harm seems imminent. 
  • Contact 988 to reach a local 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline to talk to a caring professional. 
  • Ask them if they are thinking about killing themselves. This will not put the idea into their head or make it more likely that they will attempt suicide. 
  • Listen without judging and show you care. 
  • Stay with the person or make sure the person is in a private, secure place with another caring person until you can get further help. 
  • Remove any objects that could be used in a suicide attempt. 
  • Contact 988 to reach a local 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline to talk to their professionals and follow their guidance. 
  • If you have a phone with a local (808) area code, you will automatically be routed to the Hawai‘i CARES 988 crisis lifeline. If you do not have an (808) area code number and would like to be connected with a Hawai‘i CARES 988 crisis counselor, please use our direct number at (808) 832-3100 or (800) 753-6879. 


Learn how to talk about mental health to help you speak to a loved one who you may think is experiencing any mental health concerns.