Crisis Mobile Outreach

Get in person help in as soon as 45 minutes.

Our team of qualified staff and administrators offer every caller our experience and our compassion. When you reach out to us, you’re brave and ready for things to be different.

We will link you with community supports that address your needs including, if it’s helpful to your situation, arranging a local crisis therapist who can be sent out to you within 45 minutes. This is called our Crisis Mobile Outreach service. Crisis Mobile Outreach provides:

  • Provide face-to-face, short term, intensive mental health services in a variety of community settings during a mental health crisis.
  • Provide a trauma informed care response to the consumer, with initial screening and comprehensive assessment.
  • Ensure linkage with additional resources.
  • Assist the client in returning to their baseline level of functioning.
  • Assist clients in resolving crises in the least restrictive setting.
  • Assist frequent users of crisis services in developing plans to foster a sense of independence and promote their own wellness.

If you have a number that is outside the (808) area code and wish to be connected with a Hawai‘i CARES 988 local crisis counselor, please use our direct number. (808-832-3100) or toll-free (800-753-6879).